Winter 2021 Online Course


Wintry Festivities - November to December

At such a busy time of year this is a shorter course of 4 tutorials, celebrating the beauty and excitement of the season.

At first we join Princess Mononoke riding a white wolf, for our Manga session in muted cool colours. Then it’s time to get the watercolours out to paint two Turtle Doves nestled in a sea of beautiful Poinsettias. This will be enhanced with brilliant red brusho (SO popular from the last course) and the most amazing gold shimmer – well it is that time of year! Our pastel project will be a black forest of pine trees and one dazzlingly lit decorated Christmas tree, with the help of a metallic pencil. And finally, in acrylics, we will be painting a majestic stag with Christmas baubles hanging from his antlers, on a placemat and coaster to make a lovely gift, or for you to use on the special day.

The 4 week course is now available to book for children aged 10 and above, and also adults who want to push themselves to try something new. It is aimed at those who enjoy art and nature, and keen students who wish to explore different art media, including ink, watercolour, Brusho, charcoal, chalk, pastels, and acrylics. 

The pre-recorded tutorials range from 50 – 70 mins, and the subjects are with nature at their core. This pre-recorded format means you can relax into each tutorial, pausing it when you need a break or wish to really take your time. Using an easy to follow step-by-step format in each session, Sally first teaches you how to draw your subject, taking you on a journey all the way through to adding final details to really make your masterpiece zing!

Spaces are limited, due to the live aspect of this course.

Support and Live Feedback

Sally offers full support along your arty journey, including a short weekly one-to-one online zoom feedback session upon completion of each week’s tutorial, to talk about your experience and to answer any questions you may have.

Winter 2021 Subjects

Here is what will be created each week:

Week 1: Manga Princess Mononoke of the Forest, with white wolf


Week 2: Two Turtle Doves & red Poinsettias in watercolour, brusho, & golden shimmer


Week 3: Moody dark Christmas tree forest in pastels and metallic pencil


Week 4: Festive stag placemat and coaster in acrylics


Little close-up snippets of a couple of our projects!

Art Materials

At home you already need to have some watercolours, acrylics, markers/felt tips and soft pastels.

The price of the course includes an art pack with extra materials specific to this course (for UK residents only).

To Book

The cost of the 4 week course is £45, including your course-specific art pack (for UK residents). It is available to start from Fri 5th November, after you have received your art pack.

Students' artwork

View the online students’ gallery to see the gorgeous art currently being created.

Read what students and parents have been saying so far...

“She is SO loving her art and we are so very pleased to have found you! Your tutorials are amazing and we are both thrilled to see what we can achieve! Thank you!”


“Hannah is very happy with her artwork, she’s enjoying using the different art materials. It’s really good that’s she’s learning how to use them properly.”


“Thank you for teaching the art tutorials, they are the highlight of my lockdown! Every technique I have learned has been super useful and I have used each and every one of them! 

I love your courses and I think you are the nicest teacher to have possibly taught the courses. It’s the encouraging things you say that always make you feel amazing about what you have done. Anyone in your art class is incredibly lucky.”


“She is very happy to do the course with you. It is very nice to see her excited for something in this very difficult time, especially for her age. The children are the main concern for me nowadays. So, seeing them coping well really makes my days.

Thanks a lot for this!! You maybe don’t realise that, but this is a huge help for us.”


“Thank you so so much to Sally for the most amazing art sessions. Your creations and supporting videos really inspire the kids, and give them a range of ideas and techniques for future artwork.

Your 1:1 follow-up sessions are enjoyable, give the kids confidence, and really helpful tips and advice. We could not recommend Sally’s courses more highly for budding artists!”


“Thanks for your support Sally. She is definitely more confident with her artwork, she is taking her time, not putting so much pressure on herself and we’ve had no tears which is great!

It’s lovely to see her art growing and improving and the happiness it brings her.”


“My daughter is really enjoying the course, it has really inspired her to do a lot more drawing and art and this is proving really good for her wellbeing.”


“She has always liked art but I hadn’t really seen her develop as she didn’t know about different techniques. It’s been wonderful to see her developing and enjoying learning different techniques from you. It’s great that she gets to use different mediums – even blackberries. She looks so relaxed too when doing the art and I think that’s been lovely too in these slightly strange times!”


“You are, as I’m sure you’ve heard over and over, a very talented artist and very talented teacher – PARTICULARLY as this is all on line!!! Lucy’s really loving it still and her colourful hedgehog is super!!”


“Thank you so much Josh is very much enjoying his art and it is a great outlet in these strange times. All credit to you Sally he loves the way you teach the classes and you make it so easy to follow.”


“Fantastic paintings as always, Sally you really are inspiring to the children.”


“Sophie has loved doing your summer online sessions, thank you so much.  It’s lovely to hear your calm arty voice in the house, and I am super impressed at how well all the technology works, you are a mega tech whizz as well as animal artist supreme.  As soon as she saw that you were carrying on she asked me to book it straight away!”


“I really enjoy the lessons, they are fun and I like learning different techniques.” 


“Abi is really enjoying the art and immediately said ‘yes’ when I asked her if she’d like to do the Autumn course. She is learning so much and it’s great to see her confidence in her artwork learning.”


 “I really enjoyed doing this one. I love that with nature and mushrooms, they are not perfect so if you make it a slightly different shape it doesn’t matter! I really liked using the red pencil because I have never used a water one before and it was very satisfying! Of course I also loved doing the splatter which is always fun and creates a great effect!”


“With coffee and blackberry juice, this is awesome work. Thanks @sally_animal_artist you’re an amazing teacher. It’s such a lovely course we love it.”