Autumn 2020 Online Course

This 7 week course is now running for children aged 10 and above, and also adults who want to push themselves to try something new. It is aimed at those who enjoy art and nature, and keen students who wish to explore different art media, including ink, watercolour, charcoal, chalk, pastels, and acrylics. 

The pre-recorded tutorials range from an hour, to an hour and a half, and the subjects are all with nature at their core. Using an easy to follow step-by-step format in each session, Sally first teaches you how to draw your subject, taking you on a journey all the way through to adding final details to really make your masterpiece zing!

Spaces are limited, due to the live aspect of this course.

Live Feedback

A short weekly one-to-one online zoom feedback session with Sally is offered upon completion of each week’s tutorial, to talk about your experience and to answer any questions you may have.

Autumn Subjects

Here is the list of what we are creating each week:

Week 1: Fly Agaric mushroom & fern with ink pen and Inktense pencil


Week 2: Autumn fruits painted with coffee and blackberry juice


Week 3: Squirrel & acorns in pastels, chalk & charcoal


Week 4: Hedgehog in Autumn leaves with watercolour


Week 5: Sunset with meadow teasel silhouettes painted with acrylics on canvas


Week 6: Water droplets on spider’s web in watercolour, using masking fluid


Week 7: Spooky Manga characters in ink & markers/felt tips


Art Materials

At home you already need to have some watercolours, acrylics, markers/felt tips and soft pastels.

The price of the course includes an art pack with extra materials specific to this course (for UK residents only).

To Book

The cost of the course is £75, including your course-specific art pack (for UK residents). It is available for you to start from Mon 7 September, after you have received your art pack.

If you would like to try out a free half hour sketching tutorial to see if you enjoy the format please do get in contact for Sally to send you the link.

Students' artwork

View the online students’ gallery to see some gorgeous art being created.